In 798 she opened diplomatic relations with the Western emperor Charlemagne, and in 802 a marriage between her and Charlemagne was reportedly contemplated.According to the contemporary Byzantine historian Theophanes, the scheme was frustrated by one of Irene’s favourites. In spite of these reverses, Irene's military efforts met with some success: in 782 her favoured courtier Staurakios subdued the Slavs of the Balkans and laid the foundations of Byzantine expansion and re-Hellenization in the area. She was the third wife of tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria.She was the mother of tsar Michael Asen I … English: The Theotokos and Child with John II and Empress Irene, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. Wikimedia Commons, Sailko. All interested editors are invited to join the project and contribute to the discussion. Irene Palaiologina (Greek: Ειρήνη Παλαιολογίνα, Bulgarian: Ирина Палеологина) was the eldest daughter of Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos and empress Theodora Palaiologina, and empress consort of Ivan Asen III of Bulgaria. Even though her husband was an iconoclast, she harbored iconophile sympathies. Alexander, Archibald, and André Lagarde, Joseph Turmel. File:Woodcut illustration of Irene, Empress of the East, and Charlemagne - Penn Provenance Project.jpg. [citation needed], Although it is often asserted that, as monarch, Irene called herself "basileus" (βασιλεύς), 'emperor', rather than "basilissa" (βασίλισσα), 'empress', in fact there are only three instances where it is known that she used the title "basileus": two legal documents in which she signed herself as "Emperor of the Romans" and a gold coin of hers found in Sicily bearing the title of "basileus". Liz James, "Men, Women, Eunuchs: Gender, Sex, and Power" in "A Social History of Byzantium" (J. Haldon, ed.) [7] The last female regent of the Byzantine Empire had been Empress Martina, who had only managed to survive as regent for less than a year before her tongue was cut out and she was exiled to the island of Rhodes. In the Iberian Peninsula, Charlemagne's expedition against al-Andalus led to the creation of a buffer zone between Francia and the Islamic world called the Spanish Marches. The clergy and nobles attending the ceremony proclaimed Charlemagne as "Augustus". De Empress of Ireland, het zusterschip van de Empress of Britain, was een passagiersschip dat voer over de Atlantische Oceaan.De eigenaar van het schip was Canadian Pacific Railway.. Het schip werd te water gelaten op 26 januari 1906 en was 174 meter lang, had een breedte van 20 meter en een tonnenmaat van 14.191 ton. [1] It is unclear why she was selected as the bride for the young Leo IV. [5] He had them tortured and scolded Irene for violating the law and breaking with her faith. . [citation needed] The basilica suffered damage, first in a great fire in 859, and again in an earthquake on 8 January 869, that made one of the half-domes collapse. Yolande of Montferrat (c. 1274 – 1317 in Constantinople) (also known as Violante, then Empress Irene) was the second Empress-Consort of Andronikos II Palaiologos, the ruler of Constantinople and the entire Byzantine Empire, and heiress of the Margraviate of Montferrat. [2] When Patriarch Nicetas I of Constantinople died in 780, Leo IV appointed Paul of Cyprus, who had iconophile sympathies, as his successor, although he did force him to swear oaths that he would uphold the official iconoclasm. In the early 790s, several revolts tried to proclaim him as sole ruler. One of these revolts succeeded, but in 792, Irene was re-established in all imperial powers as co-ruler with Constantine. [1] She was a member of the noble Greek Sarantapechos family, which had significant political influence in central mainland Greece. Dating 1122. The strategos of the Bucellarian Theme, Tatzates, defected to the Abbasids, and Irene had to agree to pay an annual tribute of 70,000 or 90,000 dinars to the Abbasids for a three-year truce, to give them 10,000 silk garments, and to provide them with guides, provisions, and access to markets during their withdrawal. Age What does your number mean ? Irene also had a nephew. Irene Miracle (Stillwater , 24 januari 1954) is een Amerikaanse actrice en regisseur. Irene Doukaina or Ducaena (Greek: Εἰρήνη Δούκαινα, Eirēnē Doukaina; c. 1066 – 19 February 1138) was a Byzantine Empress by marriage to the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos, and the mother of the emperor John II Komnenos and of the historian Anna Komnene. Charlemagne invaded Italy early on in his reign, annexing the Lombard kingdom of Italy. According to the Ecclesiastic History of John of Ephesus, Sophia was a niece of Theodora, the Empress consort of Justinian I.John of Ephesus did not specify the identities of her parents. Advertentie met betrekking tot: Eirene wikipedia. Elle est la leader du girl group sud-coréen Red Velvet. On 4 December 1354, John VI abdicated and he and Asanina retired to separate monasteries while John V secured control of Constantinople. According to the Secret History of Procopius, Theodora had only two siblings: her older sister Comito and younger sister Anastasia; either one could be the mother of Sophia. Dit is een doorverwijspagina, bedoeld om de verschillen in betekenis of gebruik van Empress of Scotland inzichtelijk te maken.. Op deze pagina staat een uitleg van de verschillende betekenissen van Empress of Scotland en verwijzingen daarnaartoe. In relation to the coin, the lettering is of poor quality and the attribution to Irene may be problematic. Regent and co-empress ruling with Constantine. [3], Leo IV, though an iconoclast like his father, pursued a policy of moderation towards iconophiles.