36 talking about this. 2. gumtree.co.za . They are mainly used as a terminal sire in the United States, but are also occasionally found as a dairy breed there.. And today, the breed is one of the top meat sheep breeds worldwide. Mpumalanga. The Red Ribbon flock is inoculated against pulpy kidney three or four times a year, depending on the amount of rainfall received. “The Meatmaster is a true African sheep bred for African conditions,” he says. Meatmaster sheep breed information Meatmaster breed is a medium-sized sheep with a fat-tail and comes in different colors. Meatmaster sheep ewes / meat master skaap. Huge sheep cannot handle rough terrain. The optimal Red Ribbon Meatmaster ewe is feminine, sleek and preferably polled, with short, shiny hair and an undercoat of fluffy fine wool to protect against extreme temperature and ticks. PW is in charge of the livestock and lion breeding. The ewes weigh between 50kg and 80kg. The ewes lamb for the first time between 12 and 15 months, with an average interlambing period of 319 days. The Meatmaster is a no-nonsense sheep bred for optimum meat production, says Wesselsbron-based farmer, PW van Heerden. My ultimate aim is to produce well-adapted and balanced animals to meet the commercial sheep producer’s requirements.”. PW says animal recording enables him to keep track of every animal’s performance and contribution to the overall profitability of the stud. To accommodate the variation in type in terms of conformation and body size, PW selects for lambs that will reach a slaughter weight of 15kg to 25kg off their mothers, preferably before five months. “We don’t match rams with ewes in a random manner,” explains PW. Damara breed had heavier body weight gain than Meatmaster breed. And its strong ‘flocking’ behaviour makes it more resistant to predation and easier to manage.”, READ: The Suffolk – ‘a no-nonsense breed’. The most common cross is with a Dorper, but many of the first Meatmasters were crossed with breeds such as the Ile de France or the Van Rooy. Meatmaster (sheep): lt;p|>| ||The |Meatmaster| is a breed of |domestic sheep| native to |South Africa|. Their average weight was 17.1 kg Elandsnek, Strydenburg, 8765, ZA Report Ad. He is also establishing Russian grass or lewensgras (Phalaris spp) pasture. Special Notes. FW Peters in the Vereeniging district bred a number of sheep by using five different Ile de France ewe It is bred as a non-fat tailed hair-type sheep for meat production. The Meatmaster is a composite sheep breed in South Africa. The market for commercial and stud auctions for sheep in the Northern Cape, recovered slightly after the drought earlier this year. Any Dorper that comes from Yucca Lily Ranch is a conditioned animal. To introduce new genetics, about 60 ewes are artificially inseminated each breeding season using laparoscopy. A strong agile animal with muscle to suit the butcher and walking ability to suit the open country . Average rainfall is between 350mm and 450mm with temperatures in the high 30°C in summer and below freezing in winter. He retains about 70% of the lambs selected at weaning and markets the rest as breeding stock. To be effective in the commercial market, a breeder must manage his stud like a commercial flock, says PW. The lambs were housed in individual pens (1 m x 2 m) at Elsenburg Research Farm of Western Cape Department of Agriculture to monitor individual growth and feed intake. “We are planning to build a feed shed for the sheep. Meatmaster Sheep Society Video 1, Chapter4 and 5, Kern Meatmasters and PW van Heerden and Red Ribbon Meatmaster Stud. Veld on Geduld is limited and pastures such as sugargraze sorghum (70ha) and grain stover form the mainstay of the forage resource. The ewes lamb for the first time between 12 and 15 months, with an average interlambing period of 319 days. Due to the short rainy season in Botswana, lambs are generally born in the early stages of the winter. PW and his brothers Izak and Willem farm on Geduld with their father Pieter, a SA Mutton Merino stud breeder. Ewes display a strong herding instinct and are very protective mothers often charging at predators to protect their young. Ewes and Lambs Meatmaster lambs grow fast, often achieving a slaughter weight of 20kgs to 25 kgs within 5 months of birth. A Malaysian Importer is looking for 200 Damara sheep for slaughter. The AI ewes are separated from the rest of the herd and placed in a camp with high nutritional value grazing to support ovulation. Sheep . The Meatmaster is a composite sheep breed in South Africa and Namibia. The lambs are born with ease and often tend to be on the smaller size, but quickly gain bulk and height. We like damara and dorper in the feedlot. Dudley Leitch, who A further 25% to 30% of the selected animals are marketed as breeding stock at 12 months. Phone PW van Heerden on 083 627 4133 or email him at [email protected]. PW spent much time searching for top-quality genetics suitable for the Geduld farming operation. They have good strong teeth ensuring a long lifespan and maximum output. It is not uncommon for a ewe at weaning to produce two lambs weighing more than herself. PW keeps the flock in small camps of about 5ha on the sugargraze on a rotation of two to three weeks, depending on the condition of the pasture. An added bonus, says PW, is that weaned lambs are market-ready at between 20 and 30 weeks. Golf View, North West. They are fat-tailed, meaning they lack wool which requires shearing. “One really becomes attached to these exceptional animals with their remarkable temperament and strong personalities.”. Izak is responsible for the grain (maize and sunflower) production, while Willem runs the vegetable enterprise (watermelon, pumpkin and cabbage, among others). They can be either horned or polled. The sweetveld on Geduld includes Eragrostis curvula (weeping lovegrass) and Themeda triandra (red grass). The ewes weigh between 50kg and 80kg. Semen is sourced from well-known studs such as Mohimba Meatmasters in Bloemfontein and Superior Genetics in Bethulie. The Meatmaster really is a money-maker, but new breeders must make sure they buy from proven breeders,” he says. Ewes have strong long legs allowing them to walk great distances to source grazing. An Ideal balance of the best attributes of South African sheep breeds. Time was not wasted on petty conformation issues, as the development process and breeding values focused on keeping input as low as possible, while ensuring maximum meat production, he explains. © 2021 Farmer's Weekly Magazine | Caxton Magazines Digital |, Breeding top-performing Dohne Merino on 95ha, Unlocking the potential of the Merino Landsheep, Backyard broiler business: Start small, dream big, Easy-to-grow brinjals ensure steady profits, Israeli technologies could boost SA agriculture, Early rainfall could lead to fall armyworm infestations, Langkloof hailstorm damages apple, pear crop, Invitation for Expression of Interest In Milk Afric. “Commercial sheep farmers are increasingly using breeding values and figures. Our sheep are not raised in an alfalfa field. Performance testing is key to the stud’s success. de-wormed twice a year and dipped against ticks every year in October. He also manages the game farming operation (springbok, wildebeest and blesbok). THE meatmaster is a South African developed composite non-fat-tailed meat breed. Nearly 50% of my clients use performance data when selecting new breeding material.”. The ewes are medium-sized with functional, efficient body conformation, well-placed legs, strong walking ability, a well-formed udder and strong maternal instinct. It is not a Meatmaster breeder’s objective to win carcass competitions, but rather to produce as much meat per hectare as possible. Their scrotums are well-formed without abnormalities. 01.11.2014 - Harry Glacken hat diesen Pin entdeckt. The number of ewes per ram varies from 40 to 60, depending on the ram’s scrotal circumference. It offers farmers an alternative with unique characteristics to meet the needs of a huge market in South Africa and around the world. PW van Heerden’s Meatmaster stud began as a crossbreeding experiment, but is now a top stud. It is known for its ability to survive in tough environments such as Namibia and the Karoo. “I initially acquired Meatmaster ewes for cross-breeding with Mutton Merinos to get heavier slaughter lambs,” PW explains. Suffolk are too wild, merino too hard to start.” Enquiries for sheep . We successfully farm with South South African Boer Goats, Cattle and Sheep for more than 150 years and guarantee top quality animals at very reasonable prices to clients who place a premium on quality and professional back-up.