The advice would be to soundproof the external chimney breast with soundboard 4. We refurbished the room so builder put on dot dab plasterboard with plaster coat on the side walls and front face of chimney breast. Often, in older houses, the chimney breast supports floor joists on each level. ... ⁃ Plasterboard Square Edge – 12.5mm x 1.2m x 2.4m 104123 x 5 ⁃ Wickes 30mm Galvanised Plasterboard Nails – 400g 516045 x 1 Ideally we would have had an electrician install a socket on the wall where we planned to put the chimney breast, but as it was lockdown we couldn’t! Finally, I watered down another tub of jointing compound and used the roller method to apply it all over the walls of the chimney breast. The dimensions of the chimney breast are: We cut away a section of the floor beading so that the frame would be flush against the skirting board. This was to help the chimney air out, since it had been sealed at some point in the past, causing a build-up of moisture, and resulting in the joists to the left rotting off (although we didn’t know they were all rotten at first! One of the biggest questions that come up on the plasterers forum and also via email over the last few years has been about using heat resistant plaster and more specifically plastering around a wood burning stove. Usually the Chimney breast is in the property and uses up space within bedrooms. Tin Soldier 31 Tin Soldier 31 Regular Member; Members; 31 258 posts; Location: Aberdeenshire Posted May 2, 2018. We’ll see if it cracks! A plastic or tanking membrane to the internal walls, then re-boarding with plaster board – leaving a small escape route for moisture at the bottom centimetre or so Using a cementitious board or aqua board straight onto the bricks, similar to the ones used in showers. DIY fans are building fake chimney breasts to house their TVs - and they say it makes their living rooms seem bigger. We then cut smaller horizontal pieces to attach the front and back of the frame together. In hindsight it would have been better to spend a little more and get thin metal edging as the plastic type I used stuck out a little, and it took a lot of plaster to cover it up and blend it into the wall! This has now left us in a quandary as to how best to make good again. Brick has original plaster on it. Hi all, I want to know if cement board is heavier than plasterboard. Ever since we moved in to our new build I’ve wanted to build a false DIY chimney breast to house our TV. If it's the font of chimney breast then plasterboard should be ok , if it's over brickwork you are better off sand & cement & skim , any work inside also has to be sand & cement , if it's over old plaster then a skim over would do Regards Gary So you’ve been enjoying your stove for some time now, but you start to notice something odd. A chimney breast will be the brickwork which encases the chimney because it rises through a home. I’d love to say we had a nice concise organised plan, but in our typical style we didn’t. We all know that papering over the cracks is not a good solution to a problem. We fixed the plasterboard to the frame using a combination of plasterboard nails and screws. As our walls are super flimsy (newbuild problems), we had included a vertical batten of wood down the middle of the tv section of the frame. Your email address will not be published. It is 5cm less deep than the breast and 7.5cm wide (except at the top of the breast, where it widens out). Soon we realised that the original plan to just fill the gaps and paint over was not going to work. We used no more nails to hold it in place, and rawl plugs and long screws to secure it. I bought ready painted skirting board to match our existing ones, cut it to size, and stuck it to the base of the chimney breast with no more nails. The finishing touches to the new chimney breast can be achieved by fixing plasterboard and skimming, using cement board for a tiled look or a choice of fireboards for a painted finish. In hindsight we should also have cut a piece of the skirting board out too so that the whole frame could be flush to the wall! In this instance a simple ear to the chimney breast served enough to show that some sound was being heard through the chimney breast. Grab your copy now for all the DIY help you need right at your finger tips! It was slightly awkward cutting the corner angles, so I used caulk to fill in any gaps. chimney breast significado, definição chimney breast: 1. the part of a wall in a room that is built around a chimney and into which a fireplace is built… We found using a few screws helped ensure it fitted tightly against the frame and prevented any excessive movement. Eventually we figured out that the best way to do it was to use a Stanley knife and a straight edge to score the plasterboard, then snap it, and cut through the card on the other side with a plasterboard knife. We left it to dry for a week, then I painted it with 2 coats of basic white trade paint watered down slightly. My chimney breast had severe rising damp and damp patches all around skirting board level. I was dubious as to how well they would stick, but after 24 hours they felt pretty solid! Keep up to date with our DIY projects, tips and latest deals. We then used an angle bracket to hold the pieces of wood together, and fixed them in place using wood screws. DIY how to tutorial projects and guides - Did you know we have a DIY Projects section? I love our house, but the living room layout just never quite worked, no matter how many times I shifted the furniture around! It is 5cm less deep than the breast and 7.5cm wide (except at the top of the breast, where it widens out). What is a chimney breast? Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Group, General Building, Self Build and Renovation, Planning Regs, Project Management and Safety, Conversion, Refurbishment and Renovation Forum, Plasterboard Wall on Side of Chimney Breast, Removal of Load Bearing Wall and Chimney Breast. However there is a chance the plaster can crack due to … I thought I would have to brick this all up and then plaster over to bring it back in line with the rest of the wall. Click here to watch a YouTube video of the roller method. A video documenting my attempt at skimming a chimney breast in a bedroom of a house we are currently renovating. We tried all sorts of methods to cut the plasterboard! … The joist ends being cemented into holes cut in the wall. Each page also comes with pictures and a video to make completing those jobs even easier! Plasterboard is essentially made of 3 layers – a middle section of dried plaster, with an outer layer of cardboard type material on each side. You could PVA your rendered walls and finish your chimney breast with British Gypsums Multi Finish plaster. Their chimney breast was blocked up and ours open but neither in use. We want a multi fuel stove (5kw) which only needs 12mm hearth. The chimney breast in the living room of my 1960s flat has what sounds like a plasterboard wall built on the right side of it. We also had to drill holes in the beam for the fixings and my husband managed to drill a hole in our kitchen table in the process Fortunately our table is a few years old and I’m not too precious about it . I’m so glad we did as it’s given our living room a focal point and although there’s technically less floor space, it actually makes the room feel bigger. Chimney breast’s construction method . Staining and damp patches have started to appear on your chimney breast – never a good sign! I have recently taking out an old fireplace in my bedroom leaving a big gaping hole in the breast of the wall. The chimney breast construction method will affect the cost too. The wall mount was a bargain from amazon! I've been trying to work … 76mm (allowing for 38x63mm stud, 12.5mm plasterboard and skim) so the minimum depth of any mount I use should be less than this allowing the TV to be pushed back right up to the wall but pulled away from the wall easily if I want to access behind it. Then I used a damp sponge to wipe away any excess. When the plastering was finally done, I sanded it down to get rid of any bumps. To apply the grout I just used the straight edge of the trowel to push the grout into the gaps between the tiles. Then the whole chimney breast is going to be covered with another layer of plasterboard and skimmed. I then fitted the edge beading to all the outside corners to ensure a nice straight edge. Chimney breast render/dot & dab plasterboard then skim? The whole process was hard work and took us a few weeks as we could only work on it for a couple of hours a day after Louie was asleep, but it was so worth it! Sunday DIY Project: Upcycling an old bathroom cabinet. Items marked with * are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase the item using my link I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Plastering inside chimney breast. Click on each item to shop. We first fixed these to the back frame, then lifted it into place against the wall. When we used the jigsaw it created a huge cloud of dust, and when we used the plasterboard saw the card layers would rip and the plaster would break into chunks! The chimney opening is firstly going to be blocked up with wood. I used the same ready mix to grout between the tiles. We also included a gap to the bottom of the tv space, the top and bottom of the PlayStation space, and the bottom right hand side of the structure to run the wires through to the plug sockets. I'm going to line the inside of a chimney breast with one of these. I then made a rough plan of the frame that we would need to build to form the skeleton of the chimney breast. First I used ready mix jointing compound and paper tape to seal the joins between each board and cover the heads of the nails and screws. So the chimney breast opening will actually be covered with two layers. So I took to youtube and began watching video tutorials of how to plaster! Required fields are marked *. That being the case you should have pva'd the wall before re plastering so as to allow the new plaster to bond with the wall. There is also the option to soundproof behind the log burner and then attach a fire-retardant board behind the fire. Im reading it that you have knocked off the existing plaster on the chimney breast and not removed the whole chimney breast ! They have had the chimney repointed, a new ventilated pot on their side and put an air brick in their originally blocked up chimney breast. After many hours of chipping away, we were surprised to find the chimney breast seems to be made of a mixture of brick and concrete? To make a box for the sky box etc, no heating is going in the chimney breast now. This has been done before and can give good results. The chimney breast in the living room of my 1960s flat has what sounds like a plasterboard wall built on the right side of it. The finishing touches to the new chimney breast can be achieved by fixing plasterboard and skimming, using cement board for a tiled look or a choice of fireboards for a painted finish. I have a little DIY project planned in the coming days and just need some advice please, I will be widening a fireplace recess (where it used to be, no longer used for this purpose), in order to make it into a cable box / router area with TV hanging on the chimney breast just above it. Generally speaking, 10 kg of heatproof mortar can be … Does anyone know what it could be for? ). First we measured out the pieces of wood for the front and back of the frame. The mortar joints should be thin: 3 to 5 mm. The flaunching sealed the chimney but was in poor condition as was the pointing, there was no ventilation or pots. We chose a lovely little white log burner style electric fire from Von Haus (ad – PR gift) to put in the ‘fireplace’ and it has finished it off perfectly! I repeated the process the following day to fill in any leftover gaps. Recommended Posts. I did 3 layers of this altogether. Are Cracks in Render Causing Damp at Base of Chimney Breast. Once that had fully dried, I painted it with a colour match of Farrow & Ball Ammomite from the Decorating Centre Online. Sep 3, 2015 - Creating your personal chimney breast . I then smoothed it over using a plastering trowel. This was another task that we would have liked to hire a professional tradesmen for, however we of course couldn’t because of lock down. 2 fit plasterboard edging bead to your boards.this will leave a sharp clean edge to boards .this will leave various gaps but will look profesionally finished. I actually recommend NOT plastering the return as plaster can crack under high heat (I forgot to tell the plasterer this). If you are building a new fireplace or opening a chimney breast to create one, you can line the opening with fire bricks set in place with heatproof mortar or use fireplace board. See more ideas about brick chimney breast, brick chimney, chimney breast. Within this area of our site have literally hundreds of how-to guides and tutorials that cover a huge range of home improvement tasks. – Hand Saw, jigsaw or mitre saw (a mitre saw would be ideal, but we just used a hand saw), ⁃ Plasterboard Square Edge – 12.5mm x 1.2m x 2.4m 104123 x 5, ⁃ Wickes 30mm Galvanised Plasterboard Nails – 400g 516045 x 1, ⁃ Make Good MGPRPLN027 Jointing & Filling Ready Mixed Compound White 5kg x 2, ⁃ Paint Colour match of farrow and ball ammonite. We planned to have a space for the tv, for the PlayStation, and for a fireplace. Our tactic (as usual) was to make a rough plan, and adapt it if needed as we went along. We have teamed up with the industries best to help you find a trustworthy tradesman local to you! The SBX700/M Chimney Breast system comprises of: I knew I wanted a tiled hearth and I knew which tiles I wanted, so I used the size of the tiles and the TV to work out what width and depth the false chimney breast needed to be. Could … Hi we have had our chimney removed & rebuilt smaller so we have more space we had a gas fitter to check our gas fire & fireplace today & was advised it's better to dot & dab plaster board & then skimmed ... Hello, i have a redundant chimney breast and fire place in my living room. I purchased the mantel piece from eBay (this one). The biggest manufacturer of heat resistant plaster Vitcas has come on board the plasterers forum and plasterers news to […] By Tin Soldier, May 2, 2018 in Stoves, Fires & Fireplaces. Post by charri421 » Tue 10th Oct, 2006 9:43 pm Hi folks, Had a good look at the archive and failed to find an identical post ... - I thought of plasterboard, standard bonding plaster or the type which doesn't have cement, I forget the name. We then lifted up the front frame and screwed it in place against the horizontal joining pieces. I found that the hearth was completely made up of soil, so I dug it all out and laid a damp proof membrane and concrete hearth. hi,you have a few choices, 1 plaster up to breast as neat as possible,the use decorators flexible caulk which you can smooth in carefully with your finger. I used tile beading around the outer edges for a clean finish. In this video I show how to plaster a wall with 3 sides like a chimney breast. In order to look smooth, it needed to be skimmed. Ok so you have a few options here. Timber and Plasterboard Chimney breast with WBS? Is Victorian breast constructed of 225mm solid brick. The SBX700/W Chimney Breast system comprises of: I want the fake breast to come out as little as possible - approx. The previous owners had kindly installed a trickle vent in the chimney breast in the living room just before they left. To strengthen the frame, we used metal angle brackets. I cleaned and sanded the laminate flooring, then fixed the tiles directly onto the laminate using ready mixed tile adhesive grout and a tiling trowel. Well, if no, then we certainly do! When lockdown began we decided it would be the perfect time to put our false chimney breast plans into action. DIY Doctor has the answer! We fixed our tv wall mount to this, and then the tv to the wall mount. It came with fixings and we fitted it in place by screwing them into one of the horizontal wooden battens in the chimney breast frame. I'm told standard plasterboard is no good for inside the chimney and use cement board or green plasterboard instead. Essentially one just plasterboards the front of the chimney breast and adds a little "return" into the recess (using 12mm Hardiebacker for just the return as this is where the real heat is). I've been trying to work out what it is by looking online but have drawn a blank. When lockdown began we decided it would be the perfect time to put our false chimney breast plans into action. Here is what the room and chimney breast looks like at the moment As you can see the room is pretty cosy and the chimney takes up a lot of space in the room. Im lost if you and dab a chimney breast you'd used fire board for a start.. And use a straight edge and level to plumb it up and keep it flat.. you can use batons fixed the breast then use packers to plumb up and square it all up then tack on your fire board.. you can get … Initially I was thinking of taking the chimnet out altogether but decided that it was not worth the it and now I am going to just build the floating wall on the front side of the chimney only. We fixed pieces of plasterboard to the frame, measuring and cutting them to fit as we went along. Your email address will not be published.