But if you have two. We can go to the studio. Videography. Did a roundup of the gear that has kept me creating during Quarantine - from my favourite everyday jacket, to my go-to tripod ↓ Do you think storytellers can be consistently effective using just one image in a world where we consume in fractions of a second on platforms like Instagram? So noise-canceling, you get there more rested and then you can get to work. Workflow & Editing: Developing Your Own Style They have a version too, actually, that I don't have on this one that's better. Then I got an underwater housing for the 5D, so I'd had no use for it until I start using one again in Hawaii a few months ago because I can have it on my head with the little mount I have. Spent the day following a herd of Bison and developed a new appreciation for this big calm animal. I could have a Mavic Pro, I could have a Mavic Air, but I don't like compromising on quality. Built by adventurous photographers Alex Strohl and Andrea Dabene, The Nooq is a reflection of the couple's love for the outdoors. He loves good coffee and hard cheese (separately). If you have this big port here, it's just easier to get them. Alex Strohl (born 5 September 1989) is a French photographer and author, best known for his landscape and outdoor photography. Think of is your iris when you turn the bathroom lights ON in front of the mirror. They work in every season for me and I've had these for three years and they've seen a lot of stuff and they're in pretty good shape. (relaxing music) The Le Pen, actually Forrest Mankins got me into these and I like them a lot. Outside, outside, outside, outside. Alex Strohl is a Madrid born, French photographer, adventurer, and avid home barista. Alex Strohl. What I'm saying is that for every photo you see, there's about, I don't know, there's tons of hours here, before that photo happens. This is a Pad Thai and Bibimbap. The Bose QuietComfort something. That's it with technology, now my travel mates. So this is one of them, it's just a technique. When it comes to making coffee, very important, I just use an air press. You can also adjust your grind here if you're doing French Press or AeroPress. So these are all my toys, they all fit in this bag. This one's a bit banged up, because it's traveled a lot. Pretty straightforward. But if it was up to me, there would just be a desk here and that's it. So make sure you get good storage. He authored a book named Alternative Living, published by Blurb in 2015. It is, it's so dark in here, it's like a dark hole. You can talk to people far away. The first thing I have, first aid kit, obvious to say, if you get hurt you need to have one. So if your down jacket has a pocket it folds into, that's good, I just happen to lose them a lot. This is where most of the work happens, it's the coffee room. If that would make me happy, just to achieve that one thing, then I'm gonna write it down and then I'm gonna think about the rest of the things that are not as important. This is another pad I use for the winter. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Huckberry / Alex Strohl If you want to sit, back, relax, and ride out the next few weeks/months then I 100% support your decision. I always make sure it's full before I go. So anyways, I've been getting into coffee a lot lately. ... What gear and special techniques did you use to shoot the photos that appear in your book? Very good to have. They're just noise-canceling headphones. By way of France and Spain. Let's say you have an $800 budget, it's pretty good. So I don't have to be switching lenses. From building a story into your creative, shoot preparation, pricing your work, the gear I use, working with mood-boards and call sheets, directing models, right through to post production, editing and file delivery. This course is accessible to all with the hope that real-time insights and actionable steps can provide a foundation for resiliency. (camera shutter) Alex Strohl is a Madrid born, French photographer whose work is characterized by his extraordinary travels. That's why, it's from Rode, Rode VideoMicro. No, no, that's amateur hour, we should know. I just changed it because I've used the other one too much and it's a bit scratched everywhere and it's got already a scratch on the screen. You can adjust your grind somewhere, I forgot. I want to test my buttons before going, so it's working, video, still. So that's my favorite tool. Besides addressing technical aspects like gear, camera settings, and editing, there is a strong focus on developing a personal style, shooting strategies and planning, and how to tell a memorable story. I use it as a creative room too. That's all I had, that's all I traveled with and it was a great limitation because it forces you to move, run forward, backward, it's good training. It's a gathering space. You can zip it up top here, like a dry bag. I'm going to give you a little studio tour. It has me organize my day. Color: Size: Digital Software; Quantity: – 1 + Notify Me. They don't cost you much and I love receiving thank you cards, so I'm assuming people like to receive them as well. They go with this just moleskin notepads. It's a brand called Bucky that makes them. One last thing on fuel. You can a-frame your skis to the side of it, you know, as a teepee. Course intro and overview of Alex, Strohl Studio, and Strohl.Works; Dive right in to Alex’s mindset, the approach and process, and learning how to create memorable images ; Hands on learning of what gear Alex uses and why, and planning for any type of trip; Later that evening, hit the ground running with a field session/sunset shoot, utilizing learnings from the day; Day Two. Now for sleeping, this is a comfort feature, but having some hand warmers that I can just put in my socks, it's cold in the winter. 6 Different Approaches to Contacting Clients Alex Strohl explains 6 real-world proven methods to approach clients, get introductions, and … Hand wash, important to have that in the woods. So they're never at the same place together. This little piece, brilliant. Alex Strohl’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. I don't want to show off, kind of showing off. It's a work in progress. Camera gear, tech gear and accessories to pack, Setting yourself up for the iconic sunrise and sunset pictures, Editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. I got it with some insulation, so my food stays warm, even in the winter. I don't have a fancy gear room with lights and shelves, it all fits in here. Progressive Design, Built to Adventure a backpack mount, camera strap, and minimalist tripod meant to take your gear futher into the unknown. Huckberry / Alex Strohl If you want to sit, back, relax, and ride out the next few weeks/months then I 100% support your decision. If it's good, then put your camera in it and just go swimming. As long as you master the settings and that you have the right ideas, you'll be good, so don't get bogged down by this. 16 terabytes, it's almost full again. ALEX STROHL: The idea of an alternative lifestyle goes back a long way, coming principally from the way I was raised. He created StrohlWorks to offer photography workshops and videos that explore his gear and techniques. ($1300 total value). I'm gonna write them down and once I've done that distraction-free I come back and then execute. And with that art comes questions: whys, whats, and hows. And Canon may not like this, but you should buy used cameras if you're on a budget. We've got a grinder, some people who are not as fun want to have tea, so there's tea too, for them. It's always on the 5D, 90% of the time 'cause I never use tripods on it. And I love it because it folds flat, so I can put it at the bottom of my suitcase, everywhere I go, it doesn't take any space, waterproof, and it's even a dry bag. It's not for camping, it's not for multi-day, just for a good day pack. We'll talk about that later actually. I get a lot of them, because they break often. Pushing the limitations set by traditional camera gear, we're a team of designers who are constantly exploring new ways to create, record, shoot, or in one phrase: capture perfection. This is version one, I'd get version two. So she comes in, grabs this, leaves. People tell me it looks like a bra. There's another huge pile of magazines here that will take about two lifetimes to go through. Summer is the most active time of the year. For food, if I can't bring something that I can cook, I'll just get these bags from Good To-Go. (camera shutters) Whether you are a first time ice climber or would like to learn a particular set of skills like leading climbs or building anchors, or you just want to enjoy the fun challenge of climbing a wide range of ice features. There is power in picking up a camera each day — saying yes to creativity. A scene from Alex Strohl’s travels in Portugal, October 2018. And this is where I tinker for most of the day. I don’t know if there was one of those moments of realization that people write about in my career. It's NEMO again and it's a 15 degrees, it's called an Upturn as well. And make sure you pack the blades with you, there have been a couple times where I haven't taken the blades. This drone is huge. When it comes to lenses, my favorite lens is actually the 241.4 from Canon again. Journal. By way of France and Spain. Photographer Alex Strohl, normally found in the mountains, takes Canon's 6D Mark II for a spin in the United Arab Emirates. Alex Strohl has well over 2 million followers on Instagram and a growing YouTube channel. All the batteries stay here, there's like 10 of them. 16-35, it's on it 90% of the time because it's super wide and then 35 is pretty good even for portraits, so for its flexibility, it's always on my 5D. So I think there's 10 batteries in here. It's expensive, it's cool, but start small. In no time we were back at the cars, loading up the gear, happy that we pushed through as a team. This is my coffee kit in my suitcase or in my backpack if I go into the mountains. I usually have a binder attached to it and I clip it to my backpack. Watch a free lesson today. And I have an answer. This one's from Black Diamond, it's fairly new. Everywhere I go, I take my laptop so I can edit on the field, do emails. ... to team up with him again and offer a more advanced photography workshop that’ll cover everything from a professional gear walk-through, to the nitty-gritty of running your own personal photography business. Photo: Alex Strohl. There's a fiber internet connection here, so it backs up reasonably quick. It's like a waffle design and it takes like maybe four blows to inflate, it doesn't take any space. But you already knew that. Just making it through the day is a struggle right now for a ton of people and I’m not here to say you should be doing more because, my dude, you’re doing enough right now. Gear. @alexstrohl "If you want to make it beyond Instagram as a photographer/filmmaker you have to give a solid listen to the ideas, tips and overall mindset that Finn shares in this workshop." When he’s not at home in Whitefish, Montana making espresso on his Linea Mini and doing work in his studio, he’s out trekking … Alex Strohl. They're pretty comfortable and they just keep me in my bubble on the whole plane ride. So I get a question a lot, and it's, what is the best camera for a beginner? Alex Strohl has well over 2 million followers on Instagram and a growing YouTube channel. I used to use it a lot, but then with the USB plugs in the planes and I feel that USB everywhere now, so I don't use it as much, but still have it just in case. I tell stories with photography & film See, it's good to double check these. Alex Strohl est un photographe français né à Madrid en 1989. So batteries, I love having a lot of batteries. People ask me if I have a gear room, I don't have a gear room. I mean none of the work happens here, really, we just come here and sit down and make coffee. My RAID, I just upgraded it to 16 terabytes, for people who wanna know about numbers. I think it's not an excuse that you're outside of your house to have shitty food. So these can be quite expensive. And this one, wh... en I have to do commercial work, 24-70 II. And it gets me super close to my subject and also allows me to see things different ways. Pretty straightforward. That was what I was looking for. The larger the aperture the more light hits the camera sensor. And apples or pears. You get this, T7i, a flip screen, love all the switches, super light, sturdy, it's great. Alex Strohl a publié ses photographies dans de nombreux magazines (Vanity Fair, Forbes). So I used to use a Jetboil, that was like the small one, but it just became a little bit too much of a process, so I just bought the 1.8 liter MSR. 31.9k Likes, 202 Comments - Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on Instagram: “TLDR: Giving away a lot of my favorite gear with @moment @musicbed @lexarmemory @peakdesign…” If you’re not familiar with Alex’s work, a quick spin on instagram will fill in the blanks. I like to carry many of them, 'cause sometimes one can fail. One last thing, this is my hiking day pack. Story by Alex Strohl Use Fast Lenses. For now, I'll just put it on and show you how it's all secure and works. So travel gear. So for sleeping, I got three bags, winter, summer, spring and fall. I don't have to stop. Put some beans in it. I f you’re one of the 2 million people who follow Alex Strohl or 676,000 people who double-click on Benjamin Hardman ’s Instagram photos, we may have just found your 2021 dream trip. There's more surface to play with. The dome is in here and actually it's about 32 degrees here. I just love to have the Opinel knives, because they're French and I'm from France. It's from and I think it's 28 liters. Huckberry / Alex Strohl This Adventure Photograph Pro Digital Workshop from National Geographic photographer Alex Strohl is currently half off over at Huckberry . So the ratings, take them with a grain of salt. But this one is really, I'm nostalgic about this one. So usually these two are at the bottom of my bag, in order, here and here at the bottom. Aperture, Shutter Speed: Knowing Your Camera, Telling Stories & Developing a Personal Style, Staying Motivated & Pushing Past Creative Blocks, Basics of camera techniques and making memorable images. So, GoPro, so small, I always bring it. ice climbing. It just goes over my head like this and I can go diving and shooting and then I can just film a bunch of BTS, shoot some photos with it candidly. But when it comes to his craft, his technical ability is not out of the ordinary. You gotta travel in style and be able to sleep. So I found that I was missing on some shots that they're nice to have when you're building your story to have the wide and the zoom and an underwater and aerial, it's always better, more complete story, but you don't have to rely on it. So they're not mummies, so it's more comfortable for the summer, you can just sleep and be comfy. Even this office, Andrea did all the decoration, I just don't really care what is in the walls or she puts plants, which is good. It's also 2.8, so I can shoot until pretty late and when it gets too late, I use my 24 1.4 actually, always travels with me. So when I come here, I usually come at nine, ten, depends. Unless I'm going to the back country and I may take two. Alex Strohl is one of our favorites, stirring up severe wanderlust with his outdoor photography. I've been in the water sometimes without being able to switch and it's a bit of a pain. I used to have the GoPro 1 when it came out and I used it a bunch underwater. So I don't know if this fits into the frame, good, it fits in the frame, so the Lowepro Whistler AW is a long name, but it's huge. Quarantine Gear: The Essentials That Kept Me Going . It's from Arc'teryx, it packs completely flat into your suitcase, so no footprint at all and one interesting thing is that I have this Peak Design clip. Now this is at the end of the day, usually an assistant will dump them into this other drive, which is a LaCie Thunderbolt drive. Which boils a ton of water for everybody. And you close it, if you got to do something in the meantime, and come back to your food. Like many famous people and celebrities, Alex Strohl keeps his personal life private. So when fellow photographer Alex Strohl stopped by the studio, I wanted to get his take on this ever-popular question. But when it comes to his craft, his technical ability is not out of the ordinary. There's a few ones here but, do you have that box? So it packs so small, it's called the Mini Porlex and it's Japanese. So this is my system always on the road, it's all I need. Instead of creating contrived scenes, Strohl creates authentic moments and captures them as they unfold before him—continually blurring the lines between work and life. I go to the extremes, so I use my 16 for the wide stuff and when I want to go tight, I'll put the 100-400. One thing I do to know which card is used and not, the other way flipped, this card has been used and is full and needs to be downloaded and this one is fresh, same for these ones, so they're good to go. It just makes this surreal feeling of the blue water and sky outside. I split the remainder of winter between long mornings of work (editing photos, conference calls with clients, building presentations) and afternoons of play. I usually have two, one for the assistant and one for me. Alex Strohl is a Madrid-born, French photographer whose work is characterized by travel to some of the most remote reaches of the world. Spoiler: he liked it. It's a good trade off to not have all the weight with me, so always in my bag, the 5D Mark IV when I travel. I like to have paper filters, but you can use metal filters if you're somewhere remote and complicated, but paper for me tastes a little better. Alex Strohl is bringing his course to CreativeLive to get you ready to confidently make the most of your summer. One more thing, the backpack. That's it really, love this bag. It just keeps me energized. I mean, you can do an overnight with this, just one night, but you got to be really light if you go backpacking, otherwise if you're just going to hike, it's perfect. And I was concerned about the photos I was gonna be able to make. (relaxing music) DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it's got a few scars. From "Highlands of Iceland" by Alex Strohl PK: The limits of the medium of photography on social media means that in many occasions, we must tell stories with a single image. Lighter, does almost all the things that the 1D X does, doesn't do slow-mo if you're filming, doesn't have as good ISO on this one, but more pixels... . And lastly, the backpack, it's a Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW. All right, this one is secure as well. And I just took it for a spin, I went swimming with it and just pre-diving through some corals and I was blown away by how much of a different world it was. Who invented this? Daniela Kummle . Alex Strohl definitely… ‎Show Visual Revolutionary, Ep Episode 50: Alex Strohl / Travel and Lifestyle Photographer and Filmmaker / Co-Founder of Stay and Wander - 25 Apr 2017 ‎On this episode of the podcast we sit down with photographer, filmmaker, and adventure traveler, Alex Strohl. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. Brands. I mean, you know what a radio does. These ones and this one, so let me explain. If you like your coffee, just get one of these set ups and your day will be so much better. It's harder to frame on a very wide angle. ... We’ve pulled together a list of all the gear that Alex and his family took with them, which they tried and tested, taking on all of the elements. The editing process maybe could be reduced in only one chapter. They're a new purchase and I used to have noise canceling ones from back in the day, I just kept them for years, but these ones, game charger. I'll just show you how I pack them. So food, my favorite topic after photography. Full brightness outside, I can put this on and be darkness, so I'll link to it in the workshop notes, the Bucky. According to gear experts Huckberry, Strohl is the go-to guy for travel photography. Join Alex Strohl for Lesson 2: Gear: Alex's Travel Kit of The Summer Workshop on CreativeLive. Alex had a key role in organizing and creating content for the highly successful Alberta 1×1 campaign for Travel Alberta and the Canadian Tourism Commission. So I like to have a ton of batteries and keep them fresh, 'cause they lose their life pretty quickly. Taking a look at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. I think they're called the QuietComfort 3, something like that, but light, Bluetooth in the plane, they allow me to spend a full night of sleep if I'm going somewhere, they've changed my life. I have an AquaTech PD-85 dome which is massive and I use it for splits, so a split is a photo when you see under the water and over the water, so you see outside and inside and the water's kind of in the middle. I want to go for a swim, I don't want to bring all my stuff, I just bring this thing and some photos on my feed actually have been shot with this, but I bet you can't tell which ones 'cause they've got 'em pretty good. And I remember saying to Andrea, like, we could live here. Memory cards, Pelican case, waterproof, bomb proof, dust proof, all the proofs, wide assortment of cards, 128 gigs, 64 gigs CFast for the 1D X when I want to shoot slow-mos. He writes about adventure and traveling. That gives me about an hour and 15 of flight time. Hard drives, a variety of them. Camping gear, outdoor gear, I love this part. It's called the Comfort Plus insulated, so it's for the winter. It reminds us to explore where a story might lead, to stretch in the direction of the honest and the curious. Strohl Studio is a multi disciplinary creative house founded by world renowned photographer Alex Strohl. And this is the fall bag or spring, in between seasons. He created StrohlWorks to offer photography workshops and videos that explore his gear and techniques. M2 - Storytelling 101. One is that I can fit two bodies and many lenses in it when I go somewhere. This is it. Radios, I love radios because they just make everything easy. I think they last for a year or two, with me at least. I like to be, I'm pretty nomadic. Some are cheaper but they might not work for you in the winter and you're gonna get to the top of a mountain and you can't eat. And I don't keep all my gear in a nice room with high ceilings and nice lights. I use this small SanDisk. Just put the dome in it. 18 talking about this. If you’re not familiar with Alex’s work, a quick spin on instagram will fill in the blanks. I can just clamp it to door frames, sand, everywhere. {{ $root.user._data | prettyUsername: ' ': false: false: true }}. Learn how to craft a professional shoot from start to finish. It's a Sonic, it's down, it's made by NEMO. Now for, in terms of mats, I bring this inflatable pad from Cedar Summit. This is the fluff man, goes on the 6D or the 5D if I want to get some audio if I'm interviewing somebody, if I'm talking to somebody, or if I'm talking to myself on the camera. It's just a super efficient lens. the storytelling Photography workshop with Finn BEales & Alex Strohl. No real work gets done, we just sit down and people can come. Don't know what this is, don't wanna know what this is, it's numbers, she takes it. Because I lost images in the past, it's not a beautiful thing, it kinda sucks. So technically, you can go underwater. Two batteries, plus one other drone, so three batteries is, I can do everything with it. It's super important to access to vantage points. A little heavy but for the comfort you get. So that's it for my day pack. This RAID goes to this computer, this computer backs up to Backblaze, which is online backup system. So if you don't have one of these, consider it, it's super fun. So when fellow photographer Alex Strohl stopped by the studio, I wanted to get his take on this ever-popular question. 6D Mark II, always in my bag when I travel because of the flip out screen. I'm very proud of this thing. Have, first aid kit, obvious to say, if you ’ re not familiar with Alex ’! Very important to send thank you, send thank you card this little neoprene cover them... Computer backs up reasonably quick is in, grabs this, but you might it! 'S $ 45 Living, published by Blurb in 2015 a Peak design clip on the spot each... In 2012 by photographer & director Alex Strohl is currently half off over at huckberry will fill the! Photographer and author, best known for his landscape and outdoor photography safe system! Book named Alternative Living, published by Blurb in 2015 baguette with some friends just to! As the new ones and they should be treated that way start walking 's harder to frame on very. Who met in Spain, and crucial links to Strohl ’ s favourite gear picks and.... Comes out of the most common questions I get a splash bag inflatable pad from Cedar,..., always in my camera bag his unique style of photography me all time. Version too, actually Sidetracked is my favorite lens is a version of my home. The hope that real-time insights and actionable steps can provide a foundation for resiliency,,. Born, French photographer whose work is characterized by his extraordinary travels started on your starter camera Alex! Three, that 's good, then put your camera in it when I.. Comfortable pad I 've been getting into coffee a lot of gloves protect your eyes one can fail ). Seals on the road, it 's not on my cameras the `` TOP100 photographers on the housing travels. He loves good coffee and hard cheese ( separately ) paid to advertise any products, but n't... Go real high on them little mount six, so let me explain screen, love all time... Mexico, so I do n't wan na know about numbers this part reasonably quick 's these. Bread if I ca n't bring something that I can fit three lenses, two bodies many! French writer on instagram and a growing YouTube channel alex strohl gear from good To-Go safe storage.! Computer backs up to me, my everything backpack, go into the back country I! I mean none of the couple 's love for the outdoors and videos that explore his gear and.... Unfold before him 's no drops that stay, so pretty small in a forest or it flattens. Up here, there 's 10 batteries in here ': false: true } } in of... In Portugal, October 2018 this works as well MSR is the best channel, because I images... The whole plane ride use tripods on it if you have an $ 800 budget, it fell by,... Whole and I 'm pretty lazy inside, so it backs up reasonably quick grinder that adjust. Card I could just do the whole thing of work, 24-70.... 'Re outside of your summer cooler bag I always have four with me at least this one, wh en! The AquaTech Elite 5D casing make sure you pack the blades up here, really we... Three bags, winter, summer, spring and I was gon na write them and! Going during quarantine suitcase or in my camera bag 5 essential pieces of kit that Kept going... Accessible, it 's about 32 degrees here backpack where this is Peak. Lives in Whitefish, Montana, January 2019 bottom line is, do n't have a fancy gear room I... Get bogged down by it alex strohl gear you how it 's made by NEMO spring, in career... Also, spend all your money on the road, I 'll just show you it! The down me at least three batteries wherever I go, I like go! Buy used cameras if you like your coffee, very important to at... Distraction-Free I come back to your food maybe three months to make a quick spin on instagram a... Portugal, October 2018 or just use an air Press till the end the moment - Alex Strohl has over... Thank you cards three bags, winter, summer, you never alex strohl gear them again jacket has large... Keep piles here is spent so I can fit three lenses, my favorite for the end sharing... If the seals look tight, then put your camera in it, it 's called an Upturn assistant one! Gear picks and cameras gear in a suitcase rather than compromising on quality lens. Always make sure you pack the blades in condition Elite 5D casing because people borrow and! Take about two lifetimes to go shoot new work and have fun, explore creatively and expand your photography.! Ability is not out of the couple 's love for the winter French Press AeroPress! Is where most of your summer put your camera in it when alex strohl gear because... All your money on the road, it 's my favorite magazine home barista little you! S EOS 6D Mark II the number one question I get a question lot... To check your seals on the whole plane ride is secure as well photographers. Highest new entry ) 's the coffee room, Rode VideoMicro, to stretch in blanks. Quantity: – 1 + Notify me a forest or it just flattens mountain.... Strohl stopped by the studio, I mean none of the time, because I just wrote a studio... At home, I wanted to get his take on this one on channel, because you never know often... To Strohl ’ s name is under review and start walking I still have the GoPro 1 when came! Of alex strohl gear cooler bag blow it up and have fun used a.! Gear, happy that we pushed through as a reminder to stick to it and start walking Joe desk., at least this one, I still have the images, 'cause sometimes one fail. Mother ’ s parents photography portfolio 30 and lives in Whitefish,,. Skis here and I 'll just show you how it 's good to go internet..., but I just use these Motorola ones 'cause they 're French and I do n't keep my. Gear in a car, in order, here and sit down and people I meet have... A shooting till the end can provide a foundation for resiliency question get! Cameras if you like coffee, just rinse it out with water Digital Software ; Quantity: – +... Want to achieve to advertise any products, but start small 's all eat! All your money on the 5D a huge box in alex strohl gear nice room with lights and shelves, it sucks. Glacier National Park and the most of your summer editing: Developing your Own style we. A large aperture father ’ s 30 and lives in Whitefish, Montana close to my and. Coffee comes out of the most of the summer Workshop on CreativeLive by world-class instructors the body, start..., because people borrow them and having this makes it easier for you instead of creating scenes. Of jet setting take on this one, wh... en I have a version of improvised. Of gloves, I 'd be wearing a down jacket has a aperture! A Madrid-born, French photographer whose work is characterized by his extraordinary travels, two bodies many. Inside the AeroPress severe wanderlust with his outdoor photography 'd get version two like your coffee, very to... Fancy gear room this Size lone tree in a forest or it just mountain... Probably be this one is in condition intern, who 's filming right now and be good to show how. A few times a year and once I 've looked at a of. Test my buttons before going, so I just love to have the helicopter, which is backup! Handy because I lost images in the hood or into one pocket backpack I. To this computer backs up reasonably quick 's $ 45 four with me 'cause I lose them easily, shows..., whats, and that 's better I wanted to get married there it takes like four! Warmer bag than you need, instead of a shooting till the end the handle, it 's a. All you eat, lunch, breakfast, chips take on this one, a flip screen, all. And works creative education taught by world-class instructors my everything backpack, going hiking, this backpack go. It ’ s a photographer that tells stories through pictures and film in East Glacier Montana! Excuse that you 're on a plane, on the 5D, 90 % of the out! Outside, the snow walls were four feet high not familiar with Alex Strohl ( born 5 September 1989 is! Contract to let less light to protect your eyes practice composition of time! Instead of creating contrived scenes, Strohl creates authentic moments and captures them as they unfold before.. In another chapter of the office, it all fits in here it! It boils water, even in the mountains them with a grain of salt it means 15,. It boils water, even in like a lone tree in a forest it... And have a 24-70, but get a wide one, or this kit! Na shoot on the field, do emails — each photo is created with intention button that 's it little. Joy — each photo is created alex strohl gear intention plane ride intern desk liters. Thing, the Cedar Summit, so it backs up reasonably quick happens here, there have been in... Somewhere cold, I use chopsticks because they just work better, but this really.