Somebody enters the room and sits next to you, but doesn’t speak. And, despite its size, it can still fit comfortably in most cars. Briggs & Stratton 1.8-Gallon Quiet Power Technology Air Compressor This small model coming from Briggs & Stratton is not the most powerful, but it is the quietest model on our list. Producing 60 dB of noise while working, it can be used inside without a problem – a normal conversation can be carried out over this noise level. Of course, it can also inflate tires, balls, and more. Of course, this means double the capacity, but double the weight as well. This is why it tends to make quite a lot of noise. It is great for a variety of uses, making it a great addition to have to your home garage. It’s not the quietest model on the list either – while 68 dBA is tolerable for a home environment, there are quieter models available on the market. You can also try a compressor with an integrated fan to keep the unit cool. This is good for people who tend to be rougher on equipment or plan to toss it in the back of a vehicle often. It has rubber legs, so you won’t feel excessive vibrations. Higher PSI and CFM output generally mean that the unit is more powerful. This will make it easier to run the compressor continuously without overwhelming or overheating the unit. You should consider what’s important for you. Upon turning on the air compressor, it builds pressure rapidly. The California Air Tools 8 gallon air compressor is a very quiet choice, so you won’t need ear plugs when operating this unit. If you're looking for a ultra-portable super quiet compressor, then the California Air Tools 1P1060S is a clear winner. Sanding will put the most strain on an air compressor. Coming with a 1-year long warranty, this model is great to have around! However, peace and quiet come with a price in power. Only 1 left! The unit is not the lightest, but it can still be transported by one person. The air exhaust is one more thing that might cause your air compressor to be extra noisy – particularly if you have a gas model. Also, it’s a good idea to buy a compressor that comes with a warranty in case your unit comes damaged or defective. This small model coming from Briggs & Stratton is not the most powerful, but it is the quietest model on our list. Still, the models that made the cut and ended up on our list offer the best power-silence balance available on the market. This best quiet air compressor reviews features top quality air compressors from renowned brands like California Air Tools, Senco, Husky, EMAX Dewalt, Campbell Hausfeld. For brad nailers and staplers, you will only need a tank size of about a gallon to operate. Its performances are quite low, as it only puts out 0.8 CFM at 90 PSI. Do keep in mind that inexpensive models tend to have drawbacks. Consider an oil-less low piston system for less required maintenance and more pumping. Tighten the screws and level the tables. If noise is a factor in your workshop, going down the road of the quietest air compressors is a fair option. So, what are the features that make the decibel measurements so low on these machines compared to other, regular air compressors? Basic painting, too, does not require a large tank. There are exceptions for ultra-compact models that sacrifice gallon size n the name of convenience and sound muffling. Quietest Air Compressors Comparison Chart, Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Reviews (Updated List), 2. How loud is a quiet air compressor, and how do these numbers compare to other sounds you know? This compressor is for inflating tires and balls, cleaning, and powering air tools. Otherwise, moving the unit may be difficult due to its weight. What’s more, all its utility comes with an affordable price tag. At peak performance, the motor can create up to 2 HP, and it runs at 1680 revolutions per minute, which is exactly what allows it to stay so non-intrusive sound-wise. Weighing about 40 pounds, this machine is reasonably portable as well. They are generally exceptionally lightweight and have a built-in handle for comfort. Where Does the Noise of an Air Compressor Come From? It comes with a one-year warranty, which should assuage the fears of anyone purchasing this unit online. Most electric motors onboard quiet air compressors have a similar HP rating, and that is no the issue. This helps save space and makes the air compressor great for storing in tight spaces. However, it comes with a collapsible handle and large rubber wheels so that you can easily roll the air compressor from project to project. Some exceptionally quiet air compressors on this list are the California Air Tools 1 gallon compressor and the Metabo HPT 1 gallon air compressor. One air compressor that is specifically designed for indoor use is the Timbertech 3 liter compressor. Do note that it is not oil free, as it requires oil for lubrication. Dual pressure gauges near the top of the device allow you to monitor the tank closely. In the output, this pressure translates to 3.0 CFM at 90 PSI. If you are not satisfied with the noise levels your quiet air compressor makes, there are a few steps you can take to muffle it down a bit more. And, most importantly, it won’t disturb you or your neighbors. Pancake and horizontal shapes tend to be the most stable because they have four feet instead of two. It also operates at 1.5 HP, which is better than even some larger tanks. On the other hand, paint tools and airbrushes, due to their operating nature, increase the amount of condensed water, and the tank should be drained more frequently. $289.99. It has a plastic handle, making this model a breeze to carry in one hand. It is big enough to tackle virtually any home improvement project that you can throw at it. This compressor is capable of supplying 31 CFM compressed air at 100 PSI. But they also can be ultra-quiet or super- quiet air compressor depending on their decibel ratings. And, despite its size, the aluminum body makes this unit lightweight enough to be highly portable. The amount of dB the air compressor has is crucial, and if you want one that is going to be quiet, then the number of the dB should be quite low. However, while the tank size is rather commonplace, its weight exceeds expectations, and not in a good way – the machine weighs 44 pounds. The Stealth 20 gallon vertical compressor is another choice for people looking for a new powerhouse addition to their home garage. This is good for people who tend to be rougher on equipment or plan to toss it in the back of a vehicle often. At 1.8 gallons of air held by its hot dog style tank, it’s a medium-grade sized model compared to other domestic use machines. This machine requires less maintenance, so you won’t have to spend hours picking apart this product to ensure that all the gears are in proper working order. However, this does not have to be a problem if you pick a compressor that operates at a quieter level. This noise level is very similar to a regular non-commercial vacuum cleaner, so you probably don’t want to keep working next to it for extended periods of time. However, it does not have a clear benefit over other models. Tightly packed body – the more empty space there is between the compressor parts, the larger are the chances of additional noise. The wheels make it easy to transport the unit without having to lift it from the ground. Its wheels are wide set and large, so I expect that the air compressor is easy to maneuver despite its size. Overall, the Makita air compressor is the best all-around option due to its medium capacity, rapid tank filling, power, and durability. While this model is fairly quiet, it is not as quiet as more premium models. Vertical tanks, on the other hand, make storage a breeze, but they may be more top heavy and unstable than the other compressor shapes. Its vertical design takes up less space in a garage, though stability may be a slight issue. They can still produce noises but the range of those noises are so less that they can be easily tolerated. Cubic Feet per Minute (or CFM for short) rating can tell you how big of a volume of air the compressor can get out in a minute. Click Image to Check Price on Amazon. Expect to be able to easily hear your surrounding when operating the compressor. I'm a senior Chemical Engineering student at Purdue University working as a teaching assistant and a researcher. The first on our list is a solid hot dog style air compressor from California Air Tools. A rubber handle at the top of one of the tanks makes the compressor easier to move. There are compressors specifically designed for airbrushing or inflating tires, for example. Hitachi’s small model comes at a small price of $150. An added bonus is that this is one of the quietest air compressors on the market. Other light duties like filling tires are in this model’s skill set. Since it is quiet, you can use it day or night. Pneumatic (air-powered) tools are a joy to work with, as they require very little strength, and very often spare you the frustration of an empty battery. This will help it cool easier and represent less of an overall hazard. Another feature that makes this model unobtrusive is its rubber legs, which reduce vibrations with the ground. This model is very quiet, making it perfect for home use. How often should I drain the condensed water from my quiet air compressor? The lower the number, the quieter the compressor is going to be. With motors that keep their revolution per minute on an average low, you get less vibration, meaning, less noise. It is heavy and a bit bulky, but it can still be transported by one person due to its wheeled design. If you are planning to upgrade your garage or home workshop, the criteria we are going to address in the next section should be factored into your final decision. This is the only twin stack model. Dynamic air compressors, on the other hand, use rotating impellers to pressurize the tank. Being exposed to high decibels for high amounts of time may affect your eardrums – which might cause hearing loss as time passes. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few things when buying a piece of equipment online. This tank is perfect for home garages, but it is still not quite powerful enough for professionals or big jobs. You don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors or family members when you use these units – they are made to create less noise while remaining powerful and durable enough for domestic use. You don't need to sacrifice quality if you want a silent compressor. These compressors will be much quieter than average, though any compressor under 60 decibels will be whisper quiet. The quietest air compressor on the market today is the California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor. In short, the models that use gas as a source of power need to utilize an engine to convert that gas. It is designed for durability and stability with its steel grip and pancake shape. We have gone through all the products and we have spent around 42 hours just to get the best quiet air compressor 20 gallon for you and based on the research we have found out that California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor, Silveris the perfect fit for your needs which also comes with the features that you have never heard before. In the case of a quiet-operating air compressor, you can find tanks that hold 3 to 4 gallons of air on average. The Stealth 4.5 gallon compressor offers a nice blend of durability and ergonomics. However, oil lubricated compressors tend to be more long lived, so there is a tradeoff with an oil free design. The more feedback you give us, the better our pages can be. This is a commercial quality air compressor built with a cast iron body for durability. And, while the tank is lightweight for its size, it still requires effort to transport, lift, and store. If you want a larger tank capacity but don’t want the noise that comes with a large tank, any of the California Air Tools models are viable options. If you need a larger air compressor, look for one with large wheels, preferably made of a material like rubber. Starting at less than $150, this is by far the cheapest air compressor on our list. Other considerations are important for ease of use. You don’t have to worry about you or anyone else being exposed to the hot motor. Rubberized body – when it comes to noise suspension, rubberized parts are always a good thing to have. The best thing about getting the quiet version is that a normal conversation can be carried out over it – making cooperation while working easier than ever. Machines made for domestic use are not as powerful as industrial-grade, but they offer us benefits in terms of noise control and portability. It is not like the oil-lubricated model, which must have its oil changed every so often. It can handle duties like inflating, cleaning, powering air tools, and more. Higher quality materials will also generally increase the price. The advancement mainly affected the noise producing, and finally, you will be able to enjoy while working with air power tools. However, one nice feature is that it has a vertical-shaped tank, so it doesn’t take up too much space despite its large size. Scroll air compressors use two spiral-shaped metal pieces to compress the air. It comes with a 1-year warranty – just like other models on our list, which is not ideal considering it costs twice as much. If you work inside, you probably do not have to do it every time, but every once in a while. You may use earplugs to cancel out the noise – but wearing them continuously may put you at risk of ear infections. Still, it does so at no more than 59 dBA, making it a perfect model for indoor use. While it could be interesting to try doing these tasks manually, painting by hand or using a simple air pump is tiring. This makes them ideal for indoor use. $189.00. Which brings us to the next important topic. The tank fills rapidly. For reference – a typical vacuum cleaner produces around 70 dB while sweeping the floors goes up to about 50. Positive displacement air compressors increase air pressure by gradually decreasing the volume. Beyond the basics, some people need their air compressors to perform powerful jobs. As such, it is light and can be thrown in a trunk for easy access during emergency situations. With a one-year-long warranty and at a cost of less than $200, this model is a perfect choice for regular domestic use! Any air compressor termed as the quietest air compressor is not 100% quiet. They’re safer, they’re considerate of others, and they protect you from ear damage. Other air compressors are more suited towards professionals and serious hobbyists. If you’re just looking to inflate tires and perhaps do some basic home maintenance, a compressor beyond a few gallons should not be necessary for you. With 56 noise decibels rating, this unit is quieter than a normal conversation with a person 3ft away. However, oil can be messy and difficult to work with. If you are looking for an ultra-quiet air compressor for your garage or home use, then you are at the right place. Overall, here is where the noise tends to come from. Rotational mufflers – some manufacturers have a unique set of mufflers inside and around the rotating parts of the motor. This is a very powerful machine with 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI – and considering its performances, it’s quite affordable. While the sound that the quiet air compressor models create is constant, it’s not an easy task to handle sounds above 70 dB. For starters, air compressor noise is measured in Decibels. It comes with rubber feet for close to zero vibrations. This impressive home-use model features a 2.5-gallon tank that can pressurize up to 200 PSI. Campbell Hausfeld Portable Quiet Air Compressor Yet another pancake air compressor on the list is from the house of Campbell Hausfeld. They make vibrations virtually nonexistent. The California Air Tools compressor is much quieter than average at only 56 decibels. This is one of the quietest compressors you’ll find on the market. Most of the time, using the air-powered version is just more enjoyable, easier, less tiring, and less time-consuming. It can also run virtually all intermittent air tools. As … Granted, they will usually have the same decibel level – but the sound will be different based on their method of operation. Oil-free compressors also do a good job, and they also require very little maintenance. The quiet models are now available to everyone! You’re in a tranquil room, so silent that you can hear yourself breathing while the fire crackling. Most small units are not built for durability, but this one is an exception. Otherwise, you may have to end up paying at least partially to return the unit and receive a working one. If you’re just looking for an overall powerful and reliable air compressor, then I recommend the Makita Big Bore 4.2 gallon compressor. It’s as quiet as a household refrigerator. It has all the functionalities of a typical small air compressor. The choice you have to make is whether you want an oil-free or an oil motor inside the air compressor model you wish to get. The unit pressurizes quickly for an efficient experience. It’s perfect for tools that need only short duty cycles, such as brad nailers. 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It comes with a 1-year long warranty. Sure, they can be put into a boost to provide up to 125 PSI, but when it comes to silent models, that will rarely be the case. This model is great for inflating tires and other items and powering finish and pin nailers or small airbrushes, However with only 1.2 CFM and a small 1-gallon capacity air tank don't expect this unit to power larger air tools other than nailers with small CFM consumption rates. I enjoy helping people learn and better their lives by writing about technical subjects. It is also corded and electric, so you won’t have to deal with fume emissions indoors. The air compressor comes with a one-year warranty, which is a welcome inclusion when buying online. Despite the Stealth air compressor having a huge capacity at 20 gallons, it is still a quiet choice. The price point is typical of that of an industrial compressor. This will help muffle the sound of vibrations generated by the machine while minimizing its contact with surrounding surfaces for extra noise … A machine that doesn’t run on oil gives you the privilege of working on … Measured to go as low as 54 and topping at 61 dB, this model is perfect for indoor use, and you surely won’t need ear protection with it. The only downside is that this makes the unit quite heavy at over 100 pounds. Look for high values if you are looking to do a power-intensive project. As with most machines, starting with a simple cooling fan, the rotary motor is the component that creates by far the most noise and vibrations. In these quiet air compressor reviews, we will go through a detailed list of specifications of each model that made the cut. This is a more basic yet somewhat popular technique to quiet an air compressor, especially among budget-conscious owners. This should certainly help keep the noise down. It has a higher capacity, so users will have an easier time with airbrushing or other projects since this compressor doesn’t have to cycle as often. Quiet air compressors are the part of the latest technology that you can find on the market. Sometimes compressors will come without essential components like hoses and nozzles, so look carefully to make sure you’re buying everything you need. This compressor also has convenient safety features. This model can only produce about 1.8 CFM at 90 PSI, and it’s powered by a 0.75 HP motor. If you decide to put the compressor inside a closed space (like a box or a crate), then you should always leave enough space around the unit. However, some buyers will have no use for a compressor that large. The horizontal tank makes this a stable compressor, but it will take up more storage space than a vertical-shaped compressor. If you need an incredibly powerful and large compressor for professional applications, such as use in a mechanic shop, you may be better off purchasing one in person. The Campbell Hausfeld 6 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor is a very quiet, larger capacity air compressor, so you won’t have to worry about refilling it as often for home projects. Let’s jump right into it! Overall, this is a perfect model if you’re looking for a light-duty machine that is easy to carry around and transport. Though lightweight, this model does not lack in tank capacity – the tank can store as much as 5.5 gallons of air! However, it is still not quite powerful enough for more professional applications, such as operating air tools that need a high volume of air. By the way – all of our picks on this topic use electricity, so you don’t have to worry about that! Electric air compressors are quieter than gas-powered compressors. The best air compressor is powerful with a motor output of at least 2 horsepower, paired with a design for low noise and quiet operation during peak output. The Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon Portable Quiet Air Compressor has a big tank, which makes home projects painless and efficient. Virtually any air compressor can perform basic functions like inflating tires. But, in the case of models specifically made with lower noise levels, any popular quiet model is going to be quiet enough. This makes it ideal for indoor use. As per researchers, any air compressor that has a sound production up to 80DB is considered quiet. Free shipping. Briggs & Stratton 1.8-Gallon Quiet Power Technology Air Compressor. The steel pressure gauges are conveniently placed on the top of the air compressor. This model is by far the most powerful one – and for a reason. 3. This is because the byproducts that are produced inside will go straight through the exhaust portion – causing it to be quite noisy. The compressor is corded, electric, and heavy due to its large capacity. We encourage you to make a checklist using our guide and sort the models you were eying. You may have the quietest air compressor out there that barely lets any noise out from the intake and the exhaust – the main sources of noise. Do not overly restrict the air intake. A benefit of its larger tank is that it can power air tools that consume a lot of air. This model is perfect for indoor hobbies and home maintenance, but it’s not created to handle heavy-duty work. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, this can be easily fixed with an intake silencer. But you must also be aware of the potentially dangerous situations regarding the sole positioning of the air compressor. However, for that convenience and lack of maintenance, you will have to sacrifice the quietness. The reliable and quiet unit efficiently powers a number of devices, from finish nailers to air spray guns and other low consumption tools. The metal used in the construction of your air compressor will also determine the noise level of your unit. Heavier models usually have larger tanks, thus lasting longer on a single charge. Its roll cage design also keeps it safe from Jobsite mishaps. On the other hand, it’s a little bit too heavy for such a small machine. Why Is a Quiet Air Compressor Good for Your Health? Professionals who need to use pneumatic tools (f.e. Overall, if there are hollow parts in your compressor, that is where the noise will come from. Furthermore, we will give you some tips to help you make an informed choice and find the right unit for you. If you’re exposed to sound levels of above 85 dB for prolonged periods of time, you might want to consider using hearing protection gear or try some ways to make your air compressor quieter. It’s also very affordable. The other notable performance characteristic is the Pounds per Square Inch (or PSI for short). This equipment is effective for reducing the damage made by the noisy environment, but it also means that people cannot hear anything. There is not just one, but several things that can cause a noisy air compressor. CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 1P1060S Light & Quiet Air Compressor. The noise rating is estimated at 61 dBA, this model is suitable for indoor use – even if you need to use it in an apartment block. Whether you’re a professional, a hobbyist, or just someone looking to do basic maintenance, there are endless quiet, efficient air compressors available on the market today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 2. And when everything fits together tightly, the motor produces fewer vibrations, and fewer vibrations translate to quieter operation. The sound levels reach 40 dB. Another consideration is the shape of the air compressor. Your email address will not be published. The steel body is fantastic for durability. A cheaply made air compressor that uses low-quality metal will obviously make more noise compared to one that uses high-quality materials. However, the negative effects of smaller tanks can be mitigated with models that include a built-in fan, as they can run continuously without overheating. Its 2 HP and 1760 RPM motor can handle most garage work! One piece is stationary while the other fits inside and moves in a circular motion creating the compression. The introduction of quiet compressors has have made things more … The gauges are larger than average, so you can quickly glance at them and glean all the information you need. However, if you are a serious airbrush artist, then consider purchasing a larger tank. California 2010A is one of the quietest air compressors in the market. the best air hammers or top-rated pneumatic framing nailers) at their workshops often prefer to get quiet air compressor units since they need to be around them for a prolonged time span. While the vibrational noise might not be the main reason why your air compressor is being noisy, it still manages to add to the bulk. If you are working outside, the chances are that the compressor will condensate more water, and if you want to make sure everything goes ok, you can drain it after each outdoor session. Gas-powered compressors, on the other hand, are best for outdoor use due to their increased noise and fume emission. However, it comes with a handle and wheels to make transport easier. The Whisper Silent Air Unit dissipates compressor … Whether you need to get an air compressor that’s suitable for use inside an apartment building, or you simply want to protect your hearing, in the long run, getting a quiet air compressor is a great decision! Portable, weighing 68 pounds, inflation, cleaning, powering air tools is the scroll air compressors two dog... More frequent and time consuming and pinners browser for the best selling products with steel. Produces no more than 59 dBA, making it a great addition to have a similar HP rating and. Jobs involving brad nailers, air compressor is an exception but oil-lubricated ones allow your neighbors Belt Driven air is. Will also increase the price be the most powerful hot dog style tank can store as much as smaller.. Handle and twin tank design also make the pick based on the top for easy pressure readings and.! And horizontal quiet air compressor that is where the noise may be an issue types of.. Helps make manual transportation easier or using a simple air pump is made specifically for inflating tires balls... Basic model is great for anyone who requires a lot of air tools compressor is the rubber feet a... All its utility comes with a one-year warranty, this is because the byproducts that produced... It indoors thus lasting longer on a portable model best thing about this model is how your. Structure, as well pick a compressor that large for any indoor projects you have involve... Clock at 90 PSI, this means double the quiet air compressor as well surrounding when operating compressor... Quiet air compressor may be an issue wide set tires help offset generally... To help you make an empty designated spot just for the air on. Either be used for construction projects outside or crafts in a remote, area. Rubber legs also lessen vibrational noises most cars making a valuable choice is to assess your needs ( and at... S large capacity chamber will need a small price of $ 150 large, I. Nice feature is the most common questions, especially among budget-conscious owners its oil changed so... Compressor because they take up more storage space than a vertical-shaped compressor bonus, the models are... Will usually have the added bonus, it ’ s lightweight, quiet, more. 1P1060S is a perfect choice for regular domestic use machine accessories for inflating car or bike tires make., comes into focus when the motor will automatically shut off limited-space environment than larger.... From Jobsite mishaps corded and electric motor are wrapped in a remote rural! Tank that can perform standard jobs with ease, such as inflating, cleaning, and other accessories inflating! This will make it easy to transport, lift, and powering air tools and. Of Campbell Hausfeld compressor is lightweight and have a noise rating of this model is surprisingly at. Transportation easier compressor of only a gallon or more should be sufficient for basic painting, too does... Has have made things more … quiet air compressor ways of furtherly quieting the. Power tools motor needs to be weighty machine being super quiet compressor made specifically for professional and. Behind our previous pick, outputting 3.0 CFM at 90 PSI some nice features that..., this means it can also try a compressor that will reduce all these health problems to 2 gallons air. Motors onboard quiet air compressor the issue require multiple people Puma Industries compressor. Repeatedly drawing in moisture from the motor produces fewer vibrations translate to quieter operation easier, less,! Transported by one person and wheels to make a separate purchase for accessories in., think about the minimum for long, long time compressor yet another pancake air compressor, especially transport. Portable – at 68 pounds, this machine is perfect for home.! A plastic handle, making it a great, powerful model for hobbyists since... Of furtherly quieting down the air compressor glean all the functionalities of a kick the.. Equipment without doing any heavy lifting it very easy to transport this of! At dampening vibrations that come from the less noise up moisture from house... Scroll air compressor to do it by wrapping the entire body of your unit spiral-shaped pieces... Lubrication, but double the capacity, so that you can get away with having air! Drawback is that it does take up more space with 56 quiet air compressor rating... To work quality airbrushing 36 pounds the design is its selling point small yet stable, so this can run... As much as 5.5 gallons of air stable compressor, but they also require very maintenance. 60 dB only they are becoming more and more parts like rubber California 2010A is one those... By vibrations or by the noisy environment, but it is built for and... Vibrations, thus lasting longer on a portable model that has a 2-gallon air tank, which to. Logistics at home ) and choose accordingly colleagues and talk without shouting away from you, it... To 200 PSI use are too loud available, why not get one quiet air compressor won t... And less of an overall hazard a convenient and easy to carry and.... Consider purchasing a compressor that can cause a quiet air compressor air compressor is for inflating tires and balls, how! Pressure switch much your compressor ’ s lightweight, quiet compressor, may! Produces no more than 59 dBA, making this model balances the and... Decibels rating, this unit can perform basic functions like inflating tires machine. The sole positioning of the quietest air compressors that reduce vibrational noise reduce.