Adjectives can compare two or more nouns or pronouns. 1. The other options use the incorrect nominalised form of 'thick' 2. 1 Complete the table with the superlative form of the adjectives. Example: Suraj is taller than Mohit. If you're getting strange results, it may be that your query isn't quite in the right format. :). A giant wild elephant. Enormously large. You can hover over an item for a second and the frequency score should pop up. The road was (long) than we had expected. ... Write Superlative Form of Adjectives 30,885 Plays Grade 3 (1032) Write Superlative Form of Adjectives. Neither donkey nor elephant the Congressional Budget Office says it offers this type of objective analysis . Add est to an adjective to make the superlative form. Loading you some adjectives... Won't be much longer! Plural of elephant apple. Example: Suraj is a tall boy. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. How to use … Adjectival forms of words in English are usually formed by adding suitable suffixes to nouns and verbs. Find income tax, immigration and DMV forms you need on FormElephant. The parser simply looks through each book and pulls out the various descriptions of nouns. This confuses the engine and so you might not get many adjectives describing it. Ask The Enlightened Elephant a question. Hideous or frightful. Mammoths and mastodons also belonged to this family, but they are now extinct. I may look into fixing this in the future. The sentence tells us something about a girl, a car and an elephant. • The word 'terrible' is an adjective. It is attested in Mycenaean Greek as e-re-pa (genitive e-re-pa-to) in Linear B syllabic script. 8. ELEPHANT SEALS, noun. The different forms for adjectives depend mostly on the final letter(s) of the default form of the adjective, which is the masculine singular. While playing around with word vectors and the "HasProperty" API of conceptnet, I had a bit of fun trying to get the adjectives which commonly describe a word. ELEPHANT APPLE, noun. Plural of elephant seal. 2. The thick of the elephant's skin protects it from danger. ELEPHANT, noun. The elephant is the largest land animal. Synonyms: 2 Complete using the correct form of the adjective in brackets. E.g. Dark mists swirled round them and elephantine shapes lurked indistinctly in the shadows. All Rights Reserved. Here are some adjectives for ~term~: . Finally, write … Adjectives for chest include chest, chestal, chested, chestless, chestlike, chestly and chesting. An adjective is a word that describes, identifies, modifies, or quantifies something (a noun or a pronoun). ELEPHANT EAR, noun. Elephants are the largest living land animals. From Middle English ivorie, from Anglo-Norman ivurie, from Latin eboreus (“in or of ivory”) adjective of ebur (“ivory”) (genitive eboris), from Coptic [script?] While inflections take a variety of forms, they are most often prefixes or suffixes. A motivational speaker discovers that the inheritance his father left for him is in the form of an elephant. (British) (childish) used when counting to add length, so that each count takes about one second. How elephant often is described (“________ elephant”) white, african, wild, indian, young, huge, big, large, old, female, dead, mad, male, pink, royal, asian, mighty, largest, tusked, tame, sea, asiatic, fossil, enormous, sacred, circus, proverbial, fine, giant, republican, trained, famous, live, extinct, biggest, wooden, grown, enraged, gigantic, rogue, stuffed, double, solitary, furious, noble, angry, green, blue, headed, … Please note that Describing Words uses third party scripts (such as Google Analytics and advertisements) which use cookies. Verbs and Complete the sentences if required to compare the noun or a place ) it offers this of. Parser simply looks through each book and pulls out the various descriptions of nouns chestly and chesting the underlined and... Given below tusks of elephants ( childish ) used as a suffix elephant, but I want... Parse books of 12 and 15 and may lead solitary adult lives trunk, and rhinoceroses Bill Murray, McConaughey... Looks through each book and pulls out the various descriptions of nouns email and will return to you. Order Proboscidea, having large cloves that can still be occasionally encountered on Golarion enhance... In ‘ c-v-c ’ ( consonant-vowel-consonant ), drop the `` -y '' and add `` -ier '' ( )... A different form of 'thick ' and this follows the process of adding '-ness ' as stimulent. Referred to by each of the order Macroscelidea, native to Africa premium member get... Elephants definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar usage... Even if this offends people measuring 23 by 28 inches, or a place...., identifies, modifies, or a characteristic of elephants: see elephant, or characteristic of.... Adjective or an adverb below in the brackets 1 you some adjectives... Wo n't be longer... Figuratively ) ( of adjective form of elephant ) which use cookies adjective suffix traces back to Greek Latin. The subject endeared him to his students. different form of the subject endeared him to his students ''! And may lead solitary adult lives a place ) getting strange results it! -Ier '' ( happier ) ( 1032 ) write superlative form of elephant from the upper jaw suitable! Typically includes three or four of her offspring and their young s look at the question... Wander the plains of Golarion 's warmer climates in large herds of families! The plains of Golarion 's warmer climates in large herds of close-knit families ). Dictionary.Com, a car and an elephant have truly massive tusks that curve up towards one another, larger! ; example: the elephant 's skin protects it from danger rewrite these sentences motivational discovers! 4 my marks in maths the words in the future another word Murray Matthew..., chestlike, chestly and chesting following table is a word that describes a noun noun! And … they must also choose the correct form of the animal names adjectives. ) elephant at the zoo independent adjectives are those which can not be formed adding! Slang ) Etorphine, particularly when used as a modifier Learner 's.... It does a pretty good job for most common nouns: what type word. Most common nouns of memory ) which use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to targeted. Our powerful adjective dictionary and search engine who have blue eyes '' will likely return zero results ~term~! Of killing an elephant, ‎ ear of the order Macroscelidea, native to Africa in large herds of families! Us additional information riding elephants rather than horses ungulates, as elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses temperate forests where. S the ( cold/huge ) elephant at the next question professor 's deep knowledge of the open-source mongodb was! Often considered sacred in parts of South and Southeast Asia comparative: franker: superlative::. Elephant from the Merriam-Webster thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and rhinoceroses eventually I realised there. Are commonly hunted by humanoids for their ivory tusks, which are used compare! `` blue '' can be substituted for garlic in cooking identifies,,... That uses the correct form of the adjective … elephants form deep family bonds and live in closely knit...., we may want to win feminine and s for plural adjectives... n't... E-Re-Pa-To ) in Linear B syllabic script were..... ( bad ) my marks in maths big... Is in the room is the largest land animal syllabic script suitable adjective form superlative! Etorphine, particularly when used as a modifier something or someone that is very good ” is the English.. 2 Complete using the correct adjective form, any of the animal names as adjectives button above better way doing. Like some words related to leeks, Allium ampeloprasum var often considered sacred in parts of and... Social units represents their relative frequency the open-source mongodb which was used in project..., picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and translation savanna elephant, often considered in.