I haven't heard back from them and it's been clear over a month. Having to accept the fact that I would have to be toothless the rest of my life. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a report critical of Aspen Dental published in June by The Center for Public Integrity and the PBS show “Frontline.” I dont go anywhere because I am embarrassed for people to see me. A South Portland woman is one of 11 named plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against Aspen Dental Management and its majority shareholder over alleged “sham” owners and deceptive practices. Aspen Dental Management is a foreign business corporation with its principal place of business in East Syracuse, New York. This class action lawsuit will channel thousands of patient complaints into a collectively powerful force which will finally stop aspen. Location of This Business 2535 Jorie Ln NE, Keizer, OR 97303-4136. My Name is Michael McCune, I live in Elkton MD. Many friends and family have told me to seek a lawyers help and to take action. I just read the aspen dental class action. Boycott Aspen Dental will become a free ad site for attorneys desiring to generate interest for a potential lawsuit against ADMI on behalf of the voiceless victims out there! they greeted me with open arms when I gave them my insurance company name. Looked for more info on them on the Internet and found a reference to a past lawsuit in Massachusetts, so I looked for more such lawsuits and found this one. they stated that there was a problem with my insurance company. See article from Syracuse.com, "Lawsuit: Aspen Dental uses dentists as sham owners in illegal business model". Aspen Dental branded practices are owned and operated by independent licensed dentists, so dental services and offerings may vary across practices. When you try and find the corporate number it’s like chasing your tail . Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by David Heath (Center for Public Integrity). I have an appointment Thursday, but do not know if my bridge is in. October 19, 2012-- A federal lawsuit filed in New York claims Aspen Dental Management and the private equity firm that controls it illegally operate dental clinics across the U.S. because it violates laws that require clinics to be owned and operated by dentists. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Lawsuit: Aspen Dental clinics operating illegally. Give me back my real teeth. So, here I am, crying my eyes out because I don’t have one tooth in my mouth and have been left with a set of teeth sitting in a container that don’t fit, stay in, or even look somewhat normal(teeth are discolored, rough, jagged, sharp in some areas, chipped in some places). If you want your response Now 4 months later when they were eventually able to make the partial denture they want $1400 from me just because the *** don’t know how to file a claim. Or am I just going to have to accept no teeth and pain? Sign up today for your free Reader Account. I'm still in pain to the point I can't function. Aspen was part of a joint report in June by the Center for Public Integrity and FRONTLINE. Chicago, IL, Dec. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clifford Law Offices filed lawsuits on behalf of 11 individuals against Aspen Dental Clinic in Crestwood for two hidden cameras found in a unisex employees’ bathroom. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re equally committed to protecting the wellbeing of our teams and doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus in the communities we serve. aspen dental lawsuits – this topic people are often interested in, because there are important reasons for this. They REFUSED to fix the broken tooth unless I agreed to the deep cleaning stuff,. In order to do this, they sell these "opportunities" (called POP's) to doctors. so I called my insurance company and they told me that they had already spent over $2000. I called again and I ask them about making a deal just to get my teeth finished for a lower rate. I can choose not to continue to pay and my reward is no teeth and bad credit . One of the most important defenses in a dental malpractice case is proper documentation. The company has seven locations in Maine, including Portland, South Portland, Biddeford and Augusta. Please help. Get contact details that poster left for the company. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com, I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer. worst thing that I have ever done. They now banned me from their office and yes I called corporate, an obvious waste of time. I was called in twice for an impression, and the first bridge had curved teeth which didn't fit. Its headquarters is in DeWitt, New York.. They said it would be used to help in designing the new teeth. The lawsuits, which allege negligent hiring, negligent supervision, negligent retention of one of its employees who allegedly placed the two hidden cameras sometime in September 2020, until an employee discovered one of them on Oct. 22, 2020. I don't even want to go to resturant cause when trying to eat i feel like I'm going to become sick. This is one of the main reasons I will never return to Aspen Dental in Canandaigua NY I just called today 6-18-2019 at 3 pm to question why Aspen Dental is keeping my money/credit from my Insurance Company of $181.00 and not crediting it into my bank card which is the same card I used to pay my bill. On average late and senile people tend to … I knew one was, and started an implant process. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office launched an investigation into Aspen Dental in 2010 for allegedly offering confusing and misleading information regarding discounts, free denture consults, “interest-free” financing, free dental exams, coupons and other promotions. This place completely rid me of a beautiful new smile that THEY PROMISED!!! 2. The office manager has been changed 3 times, the dentist twice, the front desk staff 3 times. That route doesn’t help me. i went to aspen dental in vincennes in. Deceived me about he cost and financing and refuse to complete the work. The company has seven locations in Maine, including Portland, South Portland, Biddeford and Augusta. So, in the early and middle age, people basically turn to the dentist for dental treatment and sometimes for the removal of teeth. I begged the 20 year old kid who was adjusting the abutments to please help me. Been three years now with mine .feel like mine are two big to. I had the work done in canton Georgia and unfortunately my job relocated me to Virginia. They stand by their words to live by and really put their patients first which makes it easy to come to work everyday. Location: Washington, District Of Columbia. Two hidden cameras found in a unisex employees’ bathroom. Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by David Heath (Center for Public Integrity). Stop pulling out good teeth to use for the screwing teeth. Lawsuit: Aspen Dental clinics operating illegally. He apparently had a criminal record prior to his two-month employment at the Aspen Dental Clinic located at 13442 S. Cicero Ave. in Crestwood, but owners and supervisors there never conducted a proper or thorough background check of the employee prior to his hiring or during his employment there. No one will help. So now here I am, embarrassed because I have no teeth and in quite a bit of pain. I was a little upset and felt like I was being lied to and taken advantage of however I was willing to pay or finance the additional 2000 dollars just to get back my quality of life being able to eat and have no more pain. It’s a joke. Username and password will be sent to you via email. Several lawsuits were filed in the past alleging that Aspen Dental branded practices are not independently owned and operated, contrary to what the company claimed, and are therefore in violation of state licensing laws. come to find out after reading the bill again they were billing for pulling my teeth. This has been forming since 2010 and nothing has happened? they said that I signed a document called an upgrade. Have had my dentures for three years now .they *** me alot . No new cavities. Cameras were found in their unisex bathrooms, later to be revealed that new hygienist was the one placing them. I WENT TO ASPEN DENTAL TROY OHIO DEALT WITH VERY RUDE AND SNOOTY STAFF! That was a lie. i went to aspen dental in vincennes in. HAD A ROOT CANAL DONE AS WELL AS CROWN PUT IN AND YET 3 AND HALF MONTHS LATER STILL HAVING HOT AN COLD PAINS AND ISSUES WITH IT.BUT NOTHING THEY CAN DO HAD OVER $3400 WORK DONE AND PAID AROUND $1,000 OUT OF POCKET ALL TO STILL BE HAVING SAME PROBLEM 3 MONTHS LATER, they damaged my crown pulled the wrong tooth and the widsome tooth they pulled I keep getting swelling and have to take antibotics and every filling they did kept falling out I now see eagle eye dental and have no problems..... beware of aspen go find a different dentist.. that's what I had to do, I went to Aspen Dental in Madison Alabama, for 4 extractions and a partial made. That same man who promised me a beautiful new smile, also told me in the beginning that no matter how many times I needed any adjusting or to be refitted or for new impressions to be made, that it didn’t matter and they weren’t going to let me leave unsatisfied and I was choosing the right place to get my new smile from. In order to solve this problem, he always turned to the dentist. Lawsuit: Aspen Dental clinics operating illegally. That’s why I’m here now. I should be happy about my smile! What a tragedy. The lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court in Aspen Dental’s home state of New York. Review #172068 is a subjective opinion of On December 11th 2020, Aspen dental is currently in a lawsuit between them and 10 employees in Illinois for negligence due to them hiring a hygienist with a criminal background. To fix the *** they should have addressed is going to cost close to 10,000 and not happy about more money going down the toilet. It was determined in needed a new lower partial to avoid breakage. Your participation in this class action lawsuit will not cost … in 2014, it is now 2019 and i have still yet to recieve my dentures. We DO NOT remove reports. The defendants named in the lawsuit include the nationwide corporation, Aspen Dental Management, as well as the owner of the Crestwood clinic, Dr. Abigail Brier, D.M.D, and her corporation, ABD Dental Management, Inc. For further information, contact Clifford Law Offices Communications Partner Pamela Sakowicz Menaker at 847-721-0909 (cell). Not once did the Dentist even come ask me what I thought of the teeth. This has all been so overwhelming and unfair. I was told by Joe the officer manager my responsibility was for $220.00 as I told him I can’t pay the amount he originally told me because I’m an asthmatic and my medication is a lot. It’s a shame Joe had to lie to me to get business. Aspen Dental Management and the private equity firm that controls it illegally operate dental clinics across the country and engage in aggressive, misleading profit-driven practices that cause patients economic harm, claims a federal lawsuit filed Thursday in New York. When I went back to Aspen, concerned more loss would occur, I opted for a permanent bridge - two front and two implants in either side. This is a multi-location business.Need to find a different location? I wore 4 different flippers because they kept breaking. Aspen Dental in Topsham, ME is committed to providing patients with the compassion and care they deserve. Thanks, DE Darlow Douglasdarlow@***.com. The mechanisms and equipment used by dentists are actively modernized. Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) is a dental support organization (DSO), a dental practice management corporation that provides business support and administrative services in the US. that have already been paid for. Almost every person has experienced toothache in his life. Or are you not the person I should be contacting. It’s funny but when I agreed to have the work done I sat down with the financial guy and went through line by line what they were going to do as well as the price. said no problem you are covered. To see what anyone can suggest(besides emailing this company). George m. Walsh, Associated Press. pay half when I get my first set. Aspen Dental-branded dental practices are independently owned and operated by licensed dentists. Before 6 months that broke!! The lawsuit brought by 11 patients alleges that Aspen Dental owns and controls its 358 dental clinics in violation of laws in 22 states which allow only dentists to own a dental practice. wrong. Just wanted to pass on the information that they will refuse to fix a broken tooth while they try to force you to get a deep cleaning treatment with Arestin. I get really upset when I see the aspen dental commercial when they interview that veteran who suffers from ptsd and talks about adding tooth pain on top of the ptsd. Improved drugs used by dentists. I shouldn’t be crying. Product or Service Mentioned: I know how you feel I also am toothless and have alot of nerve damage in my lower jaw need surgery to fix it. Lawsuit: Aspen Dental clinics operating illegally. They left me with a temporary upper and 3 steel posts for a lower. October 18, 2012, 8:19 PM. They said they couldn’t fix it. I’m in pain and now avoid meals because it hurts to eat. Trent Jones, D.M.D v Aspen Dental Management Inc. Alyssa Raine v Aspen Dental Management Inc. © 2021 GlobeNewswire, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Really pissed. can't eat well when they are in .sick of the issues i have. 14 months later I still have no teeth in my mouth, temporary dentures that the dental assistant broke and I was never able to wear, dentures that look like I bought them online, and unstable implants that hurt and don’t hold in the snap in dentures. The manager of the Lynchburg aspen dental told me if I didn’t like it I could just go back to Georgia. GEORGE M. WALSH. He legit didn’t care one bit. A federal lawsuit filed in New York claims Aspen Dental Management and the private equity firm that controls it illegally operate dental clinics across the country. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! I do have the same question no teeth and pain? Today, dentistry is actively developing. Write a private message as Aspen Dental verified representative. For more information about the relationship between Aspen Dental Management, Inc. and the branded dental practices click here. Register today! Aspen Dental Complaints Top $1.7M in “Claimed Losses” by Consumers. I have to walk around with an acrylic thing based on my broken bridge. The lawsuit brought by 11 patients alleges that Aspen Dental owns and controls its 358 dental clinics in violation of laws in 22 states which allow only dentists to own a dental practice. At Aspen Dental, we’re driven by a simple purpose: Helping patients get the care they need, today. Below are the latest Aspen Dental prices: Table of Contents show.